It is generally accepted that weight or resistance training is good for the bones whereas Tai Chi and Yoga are suitable for building balance. 

It is dangerous for Sehalifs (Second Half Lifers) to fall because their bones are not as strong as they used to be.  It can be observed that Sehalifs who break their hips falling generally have little chance of recovery.    You must have seen babies or children falling down, and noticed that more often than not, they pick themselves up and are not hurt.  Why?  They are flexible!  An old man falling down is another story. He would most likely die after the fall.  Therefore, maintaining flexibility and balance seems to be the right thing to do.

I started to learn Yoga eight weeks ago at Yoga Connection's branch located in the Metta Welfare Association, and I am fortunate to have an excellent instructor, who is sensitive to the needs of the newbies. Through her encouragement and coaching, the class' performance has noticeably improved week after week.  I must say that I look forward to the weekly Yoga session as I am enjoying it.  My strength and flexibility had returned sufficiently enough after eight weeks that I am ready to start another training session on Wednesdays evenings at Sivananda Yoga Singapore located at Bukit Pasoh Road.  This would increase my training frequency to twice a week.  Ideally, Sehalifs should exercise three times a week.  My target is to reach this frequency before 2009 comes to an end.
After reaching 3x weekly Yoga, perhaps I would take up Tai Chi and go back to the gym again. Look out for these postings.

Enjoy your second half life.  This is your last chance!

Disclaimer: This posting is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek qualified health professional's assistance before embarking on any health program.