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In ancient Norse tradition, "a boar's head with apple in mouth was carried into the banquet hall on a gold or silver dish to the sounds of trumpets and the songs of minstrels." This was probably how the tradition of serving ham during Christmas started. [1][2]

Now, Christmas won't be the same without ham, but have you wondered where the ham come from and how? Recently I wrote a review on the book "The Compassionate Carnivore" which describes the horrible conditions of factory farms in the USA. I had just come across a video "The Hidden Truth" showing that Australia is in the same boat, raising pigs in factory farms that are not only filthy but also cruel to the sows. In a part of the video, a farmer estimated that pork would be about 20% costlier if raised in a free-range environment. Would you be willing to pay 20% more for pigs to be treated reasonably well until they are slaughtered?

The Australian Pork Industry counter-argued that free-range sows would be worse-off if allowed to roam.  because they would attack one another.  The API had its own video clip to prove the point.

Locking up and confining sows is already banned in the UK and part of the USA. Animal activists in Australia are bringing awareness to the public and reminding them that they have a choice. A new battle ground in the food war has been launched in Australia and hopefully, public opinion would bring better conditions to the animals.

In Singapore, air-flown pork from Australia is thought to be better but after seeing this video, I wonder. You make the decision of whether you want to be a compassionate carnivore and refuse factory-raised pork after viewing this video. And don't forget to read the book review as well.

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