Yola had replied to my query and provided instructions to change the blog page to a web index page but in so doing, the index(blog) page would be overwritten and I would lose my blog.  Fortunately, I only had three blog postings and it was not too much of a hassle to copy and paste them to a new blog page before overwriting the index page.  So now, when you type in the URL http://www.secondhalflife.com , you will get to the landing page which is my web page.  Clicking on the Blog tab would bring you to the blog postings.

Web site and blog are different online tools but what they do are becoming blur.  The web site normally consists of the official address and is the landing page i.e. anyone entering your URL will see this page first.  You only amend or add contents to the web page once in a while.  It is like a brochure of your organization or shop front.
The blog is previously called a web log and is similar to an online diary where you will add new posts regularly so that people will keep coming back to see what new things you have written.  It blog works together with the web site index page.  As mentioned earlier, the functions between web site and blog are converging with blogs becoming more like web sites with content management systems.

Enjoy your second half life.  This is your last chance!