What you eat and what you do often reveal more about yourself than you think.
For example, you take the "Dessert Personality Quiz Test" and your favourite dessert would reveal what kind of personality you possess.

Your favourite ice cream flavour also says a lot about you.  In a flavorology study directed by Dr. Alan R. Hirsch , it was revealed  that “distinct personalities corresponded with ice cream flavors.”   What is your flavour? Find out more

According to Natalie Josef, Managing Editor of DivineCarolin, even your office workspace says a lot about you. Interested? Read more.

In an article in Lifestyle magazine, October 2009 issue, "What Your Favorite Sport Reveals About You", Dr. Delayne Jahn and David Rudnitsky suggest what the following sports would reveal about you :
  • Weight-Lifting --You're more concerned with form than content.
  • Organized Sports --You are a team player and have made strong commitments in your life.
  • Jogging --You seek a deep sense of accomplishment and emotional high.
  • Speed-Walking --You  display unusual tastes and your behavior tends to be unconventional.
  • Callisthenics --You need someone whom you respect to drive you onward beyond your limits.
  • Bicycling --You are more economical than joggers.
  • Yoga --You seek to gain control over your life.
  • Aerobic Dancing --You are very productive and you enjoy chores that other finds taxing and tedious.
  • Walking --You are not interested in crash programs, winning medals, running marathons, or impressing others.
  • Gym or Health Club --You like organized activities and , as a voyeur, enjoy watching others working out.
  • Exercising While Doing Other Things --You have a fertile imagination and a gift for making even mundane tasks challenging and worthwile.
  • Self-Directed Exercise Program --You run your life with stopwatch efficiency.
  • Television Directed Exercise Program --You strongly believe in the integrity of the tube.
  • Home Exercise --You soon find out that only the model in the ad had the grin while peddling nowhere else.
  • No Sport or Exercise --You have great difficulty disciplining yourself.
I like carrot cake desert, chocolate (or durian) ice-cream, hang my favourite art piece on the wall behind me, go to the gym to lift weight and practice yoga.  Now you figure out what personality I have.

Enjoy your second half life.  This is your last chance!