Fight Dementia--Keep Your Mind Alive!

February 18, 2010
Fight Dementia--Keep your mind alive!

I came across an article "Preventing Dementia" and one of the ways is to "develop interests or hobbies".  This I guess means keeping your mind active and feeling alive--or perhaps keeping boredom away.
Just at about the same time, I received an email entitled "What to do when you are bored at work?"  It was a rather amusing and creative way to beat boredom.
It goes like this:
"Step 1: Kill a few flies.
Step 2: Dry them in the sun for a few hours.
Step 3: Once they are dry, pick a pencil and a paper ...[and] let your imagination flow.
I have put the examples in the email into a slideshow in a swf file below.  Enjoy!

1. Preventing Dementia, MIND your BODY, The Straits Times, Feb20, 2010


Password Security Breaches

January 29, 2010
According to Imperva a company that makes software for blocking hackers, many people still use weak passwords that leave their systems wide open for attacks. It is like leaving a key under the door mat. Imperva examined a list of 32 million passwords that an unknown hacker stole last month from RockYou, a Californian company that makes software for users of social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace and found that nearly 1% of the 32 million people it studied had used "123456" as a pas...
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New Year Resolution

January 7, 2010
When making New Year Resolutions, do not be too ambitious.  Make resolutions that are achievable and have not more than three.  Why?  It's easier to take small bites and small successes encourage us to push on.  Having too many resolutions diffuse our attention and when we lose focus, chances are we are not going to achieve anything.  Beside, many good things come in three, but this is the subject of another blog.  Here are my three new year resolutions:

1. Spend More Time with Family & Friend...
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Christmas won't be the same without Ham

December 25, 2009
X'mas Ham image
In ancient Norse tradition, "a boar's head with apple in mouth was carried into the banquet hall on a gold or silver dish to the sounds of trumpets and the songs of minstrels." This was probably how the tradition of serving ham during Christmas started. [1][2]

Now, Christmas won't be the same without ham, but have you wondered where the ham come from and how? Recently I wrote a review on the book "The Compassionate Carnivore" which describes the horrible conditions of factory farms i...

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Healthy Aging and Longer Life--Better Chances Now

December 7, 2009
We now have a new demographic group, the Supercentenarians - people aged 110 or over - which did not exist in the 1970s or 80s.

It is estimated that there are about 60,000 centenarians in the U.S. with up to 70 supercentenarians. Researchers are saying that centenarians may possess genes that protect them from disease into old age.   By understanding the underlying biology of aging, it may be possible to develop drugs in the future that will promote healthy aging and delay age-related diseases...
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I Started a Mirror Blog at Wordpress

December 2, 2009
I started having my website and blog hosted by Yola three months ago and I am satisfied with the ease in operating it.  The support team at Yola is also very friendly and when I had a recent problem, they solved it within 48 hours.

Yesterday, I started another blog in WordPress for two reasons:  Firstly, I feel more secure having my  blog  "mirrored" on another website  (not that I have any complaints about Yola) and secondly, I understand that having an inward link to my site at Yola would im...
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Concept of Double Boiling

November 14, 2009
"Double boiling" is a simple yet scientific way to cook at a constant temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. Tranditional Chinese cooking and traditional Chinese medicine recognise that double boiling is an ideal way for food preparation.  Why?
One obvious reason is that if we exceed a hundred degrees C, many of the nutrients would be destroyed.  Another reason is that tasty sauces and gravies are sensitive to temperature, and double boiling would reduce taste-change, burn-out or dry-out.

In ...

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On Retirement

November 6, 2009
"Retirement is the time when
you never do all the things
you intended to do when you'd
have the time."
-------Laurence J. Peter

Because of the aging population, many organizations are encouraging people to work longer and retire later.  The theme appears to be that you would be bored if you retire unless you keep yourself active.  Although there are some truths in it, it is not entirely accurate.
Another myth of retirement is that you have to have a lot of money to live the same lifestyle (lavish...

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Spider and Varicose Veins

November 5, 2009
SpiderVeins image

The veins near the surface of our skin are called superficial veins.  They are connected with the deep veins which are encased by muscles and tissues. Generally speaking, blood travels from the superficial veins to the deep veins. From there, the blood travels through a network of larger veins back to the heart.  The veins have one-way valves to prevent the blood from back flowing and pooling. Overtime, these valves can fail to close tightly, thus allowing the blood to backflow.    Backf...

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No Trans Fat Please

October 26, 2009
Fries image

Trans fat is produced by a process called hydrogenation in which polyunsaturated oils are subjected to hydrogen gas at high pressure and temperature in the presence of metal particles, usually nickel oxide. Emulsifiers and starch are added to the mixture to improve the consistency. To remove the unpleasant smell in the product, it is steam cleaned under high temperatures. In the case of products like margarine, the mixture is also bleached to remove the unnatural gray color, and artifici...

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Second Half Life

Living the Second Half Life

<p>In a Global Village, there is no such thing as an immigrant.</p>

In a Global Village, there is no such thing as an immigrant.

Posted 107 weeks ago
<p>Notes on Brick Walls</p><p>When clearing my bookshelf, I came across an old book published in 2010, <i>The Last Lecture</i>, which was an International Bestseller at that time, having sold five million copies.  Flipping through the pages that had turned yellow, this quote struck a chord in me because only recently I was discussing with a friend how to handle brick walls that attempt to stop us.  </p>

Notes on Brick Walls

When clearing my bookshelf, I came across an old book published in 2010, The Last Lecture, which was an International Bestseller at that time, having sold five million copies.  Flipping through the pages that had turned yellow, this quote struck a chord in me because only recently I was discussing with a friend how to handle brick walls that attempt to stop us.  

Posted 107 weeks ago
Posted 109 weeks ago
<p>How to Become a Data Scientist.</p><p>Here is an interesting article written by Alec Smith, a Data Scientist Recruiter.</p><p><a href=""></a><br/></p>

How to Become a Data Scientist.

Here is an interesting article written by Alec Smith, a Data Scientist Recruiter.

Posted 113 weeks ago

Easy Yoga For Beginners ♥ Full Body Gentle Flow

This Yoga Flow is easy on beginners and seniors.  The music accompanying this video is soothing. The beach at Ko-Wai, Thailand is a fitting place for the video. beautiful too.

Posted 114 weeks ago
<p><a class="tumblr_blog" href="">thesassycat</a>:</p>
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<p>i hate this</p>






i hate this

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Flee 9 to 5

Whether you are retired, retrenched or re-organizing your career choice, the book Flee 9 to 5, Get 6 - 7 figures and do what you love by Ben Angel provides plenty of suggestions.

I particularly like the Six publicity formulas you can use to help you get more media coverage at page 143.

Posted 115 weeks ago
It happens. It happens every day. People grow apart. Friends walk hand in hand until they find that their parts no longer intertwine. Lovers kiss to notice that this kiss that once meant weak knees and beating hearts no longer tastes of sweet love but of bitter goodbye. You once poured your heart out to the boy who was your best friend but when you see him again, it’s like the silence swallows you whole and you can’t think of one word to say. So you stare and stare and try to figure out what happened to create this chasm, this black abyss that opened up between you. And most of the time it’s not an argument that tore you apart but life itself. It’s you and it’s them. You changed. You grew up. You made decisions. You moved on. Things that used to mean the world now mean nothing and people that used to make you feel like you could climb the highest mountain now make you feel like drowning at the bottom of the sea. And that’s okay. Because people come and people go and it happens for a reason. Some friendships aren’t meant to last a lifetime, some people can’t be kept, some relationships aren’t worth holding on to. So let go. If they don’t make you happy anymore, let them go.
changing and moving on
n.j. (via ninasdrafts)
Posted 115 weeks ago

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