(Originally posted on September 18, 2009 but re-posted due to some difficulty with this site builder)

Welcome!  This blog is dedicated to those of us over fifty years old (or shall I say, fifty years young).  I shall therefore write on subjects that most of us would normally be interested in, such as but not limited to aging, fitness, retirement and active living.

I borrowed the term "Second Half Life" from radio isotopes which I had used in performing non-destructive tests in the seventies.  A radio isotope's half life is the number of days that its strength would be reduced by half.  Using this analogy, if we were destined to live up to 100, our first half life would be 50 and at this point in time, it is prudent to look back to see if we have lived the life you wanted.  If not, then it is time to change our lifestyle with the second chance.  The next half life is 25 years (half of the remaining 50)  i.e. when we reach age 75.  By checking at each half life which is occuring at closer intervals, we can adjust our lifestyle and lhave no regrets when we finally "checkout" (from planet Earth). 

We have come a long way, reaching and surpassing the half way milepost.  With medical advances, reaching the 100 year-old target is theoretically feasible. We read more and more about centenarians nowadays.  Why not increase our betting chances?

Of course, some may argue that it is not how long we live rather than how long we can live actively.  What is the point of being a vegetable lying in a hospital for another decade? That's true.  It is both quality and quantity.  We can have the cake and eat it but we have to start working at it now.
Enjoy your second half life.  This is your last chance!