Shortly after my October 2016 post on OSIM uDivine, the upholstery started to peel and small pieces of peelings were progressively falling off.  It had now reached an unbearable stage.  So, I went on-line and chatted with OSIM Customer Support.  The customer support person came online within two minutes (a marked improvement from ten months ago) and I asked him if I could get the re-upholstery done.  He said he would get Customer Service to call me back shortly to answer my query.

I told him "shortly" is not a good answer.  A better answer would be "within 1 hour" and that I would log down the time of the call-back.  I also told him I expected a one-stop customer contact and it is not acceptable to have "Customer Support" referring my case to "Customer Service". 

Well, he probably relayed my displeasure to Customer Service and Jacky called my mobile phone within five minutes. Jacky said the upholstery set had to be ordered and it would take about three to four months to arrive.  The cost would be S$287 dollars inclusive of normal servicing and transportation of the chair.  It would take about seven days to do the job upon receipt of the upholstery set for replacement.  

As I would be moving house next month and my intention was to have OSIM collect the uDivine from my current premises and deliver the upholstered chair to my new abode, waiting three months would not be an acceptable option.

I then asked how much it would cost if I were to get OSIM just to move the chair from point A to point B.  He said it would be S$150.  This is disproportionate to the re-upholstery package which includes normal servicing and transportation of the chair.  Not satisfied with this, I explored trading-in the chair for a new one.

In the past, OSIM offered S$2000 for the trade-in, but they are now offering only S$700.  The new chair costs about $5999 and taking a normal usage life of three years, a trade-in value of $700 represented only 11.7%.  In other words, the chair depreciated 88.3% over three years with a monthly depreciation of S$147.

A quick check on the Ogawa website reviews that Ogawa is still offering a trade-in value of S$2000 for an old massage chair.

You can guess what option is left for me, and no prize for the correct answer.