"Retirement is the time when
you never do all the things
you intended to do when you'd
have the time."
-------Laurence J. Peter

Because of the aging population, many organizations are encouraging people to work longer and retire later.  The theme appears to be that you would be bored if you retire unless you keep yourself active.  Although there are some truths in it, it is not entirely accurate.
Another myth of retirement is that you have to have a lot of money to live the same lifestyle (lavish one usually).  Frankly, do you need to live the same lifestyle after you retire?  After taking the value of money into consideration, you are supposedly required to save plenty before you can afford to retire.  Therefore, as the reasoning goes, you need to seek a 'Certified Financial Planner' or at least talk to your banker to plan for your retirement.  Before rushing out to find a CFP, perhaps you should evaluate your own circumstances and figure out what you want to do after retirement, including what is the minimum amount of money (I say minimum) that you would need to live comfortably and not ostentatiously.  When doing your own soul-searching, do not factor into the retirement nest-egg how much money you want to leave behind for your children.  It is fine if when you kick the bucket, there are some money left for them; but this is not a prerequisite for your retirement.

A friend of mine sent me an email with an attached slideshow entitled "Why I like Retirement", the last slide of which asked me to share it with as many retirees as possible.  What better way to share than to post it on the blog!  I checked with him if he knew who was the originator (author) of this slideshow so that I could seek permission before posting the slideshow on the blog.  Unfortunately, this is one of those emails that got circulated so many times that the original author is no longer traceable.  Next, I had to figure out how to export the pps file into Macromedia Flash format before uploading it to the web.  With Google search, I found the answer in Boutell.com. [1]  While the result is reasonably good using Mozilla Firefox, the slide presentation did not show up on Internet Explorer.  Therefore, I have decided to take it off.

I also came across an excellent book on "How to RETIRE Happy, Wild, and Free" written by Ernie J. Zelinski, the author of the international best-seller "The Joy of Not Working".  If you are afraid to retire, perhaps you would gain some courage by reading this book.   If you are already retired, read the book anyway to reaffirm your action and learn a few more tricks on how to be happy, wild and free in your second half life. 

There are three groups of people:
those who have retired,
those who watch others retire, and
those who wonder what retirement is all about. 

Which group do you belong to?
Remember: Retirement is about making the best of your second half life!

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2. Ernie J. Zelinski, How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free, Ten Speed Press, 2005