I started having my website and blog hosted by Yola three months ago and I am satisfied with the ease in operating it.  The support team at Yola is also very friendly and when I had a recent problem, they solved it within 48 hours.

Yesterday, I started another blog in WordPress for two reasons:  Firstly, I feel more secure having my  blog  "mirrored" on another website  (not that I have any complaints about Yola) and secondly, I understand that having an inward link to my site at Yola would improve the chance of Google indexing it.  So far, my site SecondHalfLife.com had been verified by Google and yet when I Google searched "Second Half Life"  it did not show up at all.   When I googled "SecondHalfLife", then it came up tops.  I know I have more work to do, and having a link from WordPress to my website/blog at Yola hopefully would improve the situation.

It was a pleasant surprise at the WP blog because it had a facility that enables a preview of my Yola site or blog when I placed the cursor on the link to the site or blog after I had pinged the URLs.  I like that feature. 

Unfortunately, I cannot export from WP to Yola or vice versa.  So I have to copy my first blog on WP and paste into Notepad and then copy/paste onto this blog and edit from there.

Yola will still be my primary host because my domain resides here.  I find that both hosts, WP and Yola each has its strengths and good features.  Therefore, having both should be complementary.  For example, WP has more style templates to choose from and it is easier and superior just for blogging.  However, Yola is superior for those who has some knowledge of HTML and like to tinkle with their sites.  I find Yola is more flexible in that sense.  Of course I am bias because I started off with Yola and am more familiar with its features than with WP.

I will let you know if I change my mind later.  Please feel free to visit my blog at Wordpress.

May the Second Half Lifers thrive!