When I opened my email this morning, I was happy to find that AsiaRegistry.com confirmed my Domain registry had been successful.  Now I have another Domain name, but I cannot work on it yet.  Still struggling with this one.

I have had some difficulties with Yola who is hosting my web site and blog.  When I first started to use the free builder, I had the option to click on web or blog.  I thought there would be an index page for web and another for blog because the title of the page was index(blog).  So it was reasonable to assume there would be another page called index(web).  There was no clue and no hint --you just had to select.  Having done that and having blogged for two days, I found that the main page is the blog page and if I were to set up a web page, the blog would be overwritten.  There can only be one index page, but this most important fact is not highlighted.  Perhaps this is so fundamental that the techies just assume everyone knows it. 

I could not find any 24/7 online chat help.  When I signed up, I thought Yola had this... I must have overlooked this or there was a 24/7 something on their website.  The email reply I got could not solve the problem other than deleting the blog and start all over again.  So I had to copy the old blog into a new blog page.  You will notice that I placed with brackets on the old blogs (Originally posted on ....)

Later I will delete the blog from the index page and use it for the web page.  I am not sure what problems I would encounter and what help I would get from Yola.  Anyway, I would blog on my experience. 

Keep tune in.  Cheers.