(Originally posted on September 20, 2009 but re-posted due to some difficulty with this site builder)

Two days ago, on Friday, I registered a Domain name with www.AsiaRegistry.com and paid with PayPal.  Everything was fine and the response was "in progress order."  This seemed reasonable but after 24 hours, it was still "in progress order" .  As I was anxious to get going, I registered another Domain name with www.Yola.com; this one called Second Half Life.  What a refreshing change when I could work on the blog right away and the Domain came alive by the time I finished my first blog. 
As you can see, this blog is alive and online, and I have installed Google Ap and created my email accounts under this domain.  Sadly, my domain registered with AsiaRegistry is still pending. 

Before reaching AsiaRegistry.com and Yola.com, I checked out a few others.  I have chosen Yola because (a) it accepts PayPal (b) it hosts the website and blog free of charge, (c) I could navigate their site easily to find the information and (d) there were no horror stories when I used Google search to check it out.  

 I would not wish to leave my credit card number with an online merchant unless I cannot help it.  I have a problem with an online merchant who keeps renewing my software annually and charging my credit card.  When I emailed them that I wanted to discontinue with the auto-renewal, I hit a stone wall.  it appears that the only way I can stop the automatic renewal is to change my credit card number so they cannot charge me anymore.  I have done just that and am wiser now.