This is my third massage chair, the first two were from a different manufacturer Ogawa.  I bought this OSIM chair over two years ago because when I went to the shopping mall from which I bought the previous Ogawa chairs, the store was no longer there and so I bought this OSIM chair instead by trading-in the old Ogawa chair. 

The Operating Manual (OM) was skimpy and lack substance.  Upon delivery, the first thing a customer would need is a comprehensive and easy to understand OM.  This is a disappointment and their first fail point.

For over two years, there has been no follow up from OSIM - no calls, no emails and no invitations to view their latest massage chairs.  What customer relationship policy does OSIM has?  I wonder.

This morning, after my usual 15 minutes of massage, the foot-rest failed to retract.  I wanted to call the service center but could not find the receipt, and as there was no telephone number on the OM, I googled "OSIM Service Centre Singapore" and found one telephone number (as shown below).

It was not the direct number of the service centre but the general receptionist of OSIM who took the call in less than three rings (bravo). After she identified herself, she offered to transfer me to the service centre.  After about 10 rings, she came back online and said that all the service centre staff were engaged.  She then offered to take down my telephone number for a call-back.  I gave her my mobile number and asked how long would I expect the call-back.  She could not give me an answer and after I assured her that I just wanted an approximate time frame, she committed a reply "They will call you back before noon."  It was about 10:30 a.m. at that time.  Do they have a service standard for call-back such as "Not more than 60 minutes"?

While waiting I went to the Pasir Ris Mall to send a registered letter at the Singapore Post outlet there.  There is an OSIM store on the second floor of the mall and since nobody from OSIM had called my mobile phone, I walked in to complain.  The service staff confirmed that it would be difficult to telephone because there is only one telephone main number listed but she assured me that if I had gone to the main web site ( and use the chat facility, I would get satisfaction.

After getting home, I logged on and chat with OSIM customer support.  It took 14 minutes before the customer service officer, Kelvin Tay came online to chat.  After I reported the problem, it took him about a minute to suggest I check the front cover of the foot-rest to see if it was opened.  I checked and viola, it was opened probably accidentally moved when I got up from the chair.  Closing this cover solved the problem.

Kelvin then went on to explain the function of the knob under the cover.  In conclusion, I was happy with Kelvin's chat and gave a good rating for this chat encounter.