OSIM uDivine App Massage Chair (Part 2)

July 12, 2017
Shortly after my October 2016 post on OSIM uDivine, the upholstery started to peel and small pieces of peelings were progressively falling off.  It had now reached an unbearable stage.  So, I went on-line and chatted with OSIM Customer Support.  The customer support person came online within two minutes (a marked improvement from ten months ago) and I asked him if I could get the re-upholstery done.  He said he would get Customer Service to call me back shortly to answer my query.

I told him "shortly" is not a good answer.  A better answer would be "within 1 hour" and that I would log down the time of the call-back.  I also told him I expected a one-stop customer contact and it is not acceptable to have "Customer Support" referring my case to "Customer Service". 

Well, he probably relayed my displeasure to Customer Service and Jacky called my mobile phone within five minutes. Jacky said the upholstery set had to be ordered and it would take about three to four months to arrive.  The cost would be S$287 dollars inclusive of normal servicing and transportation of the chair.  It would take about seven days to do the job upon receipt of the upholstery set for replacement.  

As I would be moving house next month and my intention was to have OSIM collect the uDivine from my current premises and deliver the upholstered chair to my new abode, waiting three months would not be an acceptable option.

I then asked how much it would cost if I were to get OSIM just to move the chair from point A to point B.  He said it would be S$150.  This is disproportionate to the re-upholstery package which includes normal servicing and transportation of the chair.  Not satisfied with this, I explored trading-in the chair for a new one.

In the past, OSIM offered S$2000 for the trade-in, but they are now offering only S$700.  The new chair costs about $5999 and taking a normal usage life of three years, a trade-in value of $700 represented only 11.7%.  In other words, the chair depreciated 88.3% over three years with a monthly depreciation of S$147.

A quick check on the Ogawa website reviews that Ogawa is still offering a trade-in value of S$2000 for an old massage chair.

You can guess what option is left for me, and no prize for the correct answer.

A Thought for the Aging Population - Singapore HDB BTO Flats

June 13, 2017

Starting from June 2017 build-to-order (BTO) sales exercise for public housing, a new deferred down payment scheme (DDS) allows eligible buyers aged 55 and above to pay a down payment only at key collection.

For the full report, go to

This move is a step in the right direction as it shows empathy to our aging population.  Well done.
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Learning From Donald Trump

June 12, 2017
Back in April 2, 1990. Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort  was opened on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Michael Jackson was the VIP invited guest and he also performed at the opening ceremonies. 

This glittering extravaganza reflected some important lessons: Be absolutely confident, think "bigly", act "bigly" 

In early 1991, Rachel P Salazar wrote the article "What We Can Learn from Donald Trump" in the opening of which Salazar said:

"In his swift rise to the top, Trump showed his ...

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Customer Service Case: OSIM uDivine App Massage Chair

October 14, 2016

This is my third massage chair, the first two were from a different manufacturer Ogawa.  I bought this OSIM chair over two years ago because when I went to the shopping mall from which I bought the previous Ogawa chairs, the store was no longer there and so I bought this OSIM chair instead by trading-in the old Ogawa chair. 

The Operating Manual (OM) was skimpy and lack substance.  Upon delivery, the first thing a customer would need is a comprehensive and easy to understand OM.  This is a dis...

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Olive Oil Mashed Potato for One Person

July 14, 2016


1 large potato
1 to 2 teaspoon Virgin Olive Oil
3 to 4 tablespoon of fresh milk
1 teaspoon of table salt
White of black pepper powder
Paprika powder


Boil potato with sufficient water and add table salt
When you are able to poke a fork into the potato, take out potato and cool
Grate the potato
Add a pinch of salt, sprinkle of pepper and paprika powder, olive oil and milk
Smash with a fork and mix well
When smooth, transfer into serving bowl
Final sprinkle some olive oil and paprik...

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Should Seniors (above 65 years) Do Yoga Asanas?

July 9, 2013

According to Dinesh Kashikar, a Sri Sri Yoga teacher, we are as young as we feel! Yoga asanas tone up the body, keep our internal organs and the hormonal system in balance, and refreshes the mind and spirit. 


As age progresses, one should focus on HOW YOU DO rather than how much you can do.


The basic principle in yoga is the union of the various aspects of our existence such as breath, body and mind. 

Of course, elderly can do yoga asanas - provided they keep some guidelines in mind.

Perhaps ...

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Clean Water Arrives at Chinese Village

July 6, 2013
Clean Water Arrives at Chinese Village
Acess to water image
It was reported in the Straits Times Special Report on 06 July 2013 that a Singapore Non-Government Organisation (NGO) called Lien Aid has helped in building tanks and water distribution system in China in collaboration with the China Association of Poverty Alleviation and Development (Capad). This is interesting and any effort to help the less fortunate should be commended.
The report further stated that "the two organisations hope to improve w...

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Major Breakthrough in Wellness?

July 4, 2013
Major Breakthrough in Wellness?
Resveratrol image
I was in hospital for a decompression laminectomy with D.I.A.M.-1 Level (Medtronics) last week.  In lay man language, I went for an installation of a spinal stabilisation system.  However, this is not the topic of this blog.

As a result of my condition, several friends offered to sell me wellness products that claim to be able to help me recuperate.  I have been taking health supplements for many years and in no mood to take more.  However, one product c...

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Test Your Knowledge on Gambling

March 23, 2010
Toilet Amusement
Dice image
Here is a short test to show how much you know or don't know about gambling.

Answer TRUE or FALSE for the Questions 1 to 9 and write down your answer for Question 10.

Q1. The longer you go without a win, the more likely you will win the next round. For example, the longer you roll two dice without getting double six, the more likely it is to come up the next roll.

Q2. When playing the Lotto or Toto, the numbers 3, 19, 21, 30, 34, 48 are more likely to come up than ...

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Toilet Talk

February 22, 2010
Toilet Amusement
Toilet Paper Origami Master image
In the last blog, we show you how to be creative with dried flies but I guess not many would have the courage to mess around with the little creatures.
Here is a cleaner and more beautiful way to make something elegant for your toilet and keep your mind (and fingers) active!  Toilet Paper Origami !  Get this book by Linda Wright.

The editorial review says: "With little effort, a roll of toilet paper can be transformed into a delightful focal point using the charm...

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Second Half Life

Living the Second Half Life

<p>In a Global Village, there is no such thing as an immigrant.</p>

In a Global Village, there is no such thing as an immigrant.

Posted 112 weeks ago
<p>Notes on Brick Walls</p><p>When clearing my bookshelf, I came across an old book published in 2010, <i>The Last Lecture</i>, which was an International Bestseller at that time, having sold five million copies.  Flipping through the pages that had turned yellow, this quote struck a chord in me because only recently I was discussing with a friend how to handle brick walls that attempt to stop us.  </p>

Notes on Brick Walls

When clearing my bookshelf, I came across an old book published in 2010, The Last Lecture, which was an International Bestseller at that time, having sold five million copies.  Flipping through the pages that had turned yellow, this quote struck a chord in me because only recently I was discussing with a friend how to handle brick walls that attempt to stop us.  

Posted 112 weeks ago
Posted 114 weeks ago
<p>How to Become a Data Scientist.</p><p>Here is an interesting article written by Alec Smith, a Data Scientist Recruiter.</p><p><a href=""></a><br/></p>

How to Become a Data Scientist.

Here is an interesting article written by Alec Smith, a Data Scientist Recruiter.

Posted 118 weeks ago

Easy Yoga For Beginners ♥ Full Body Gentle Flow

This Yoga Flow is easy on beginners and seniors.  The music accompanying this video is soothing. The beach at Ko-Wai, Thailand is a fitting place for the video. beautiful too.

Posted 119 weeks ago
<p><a class="tumblr_blog" href="">thesassycat</a>:</p>
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<p>i hate this</p>






i hate this

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Flee 9 to 5

Whether you are retired, retrenched or re-organizing your career choice, the book Flee 9 to 5, Get 6 - 7 figures and do what you love by Ben Angel provides plenty of suggestions.

I particularly like the Six publicity formulas you can use to help you get more media coverage at page 143.

Posted 119 weeks ago
It happens. It happens every day. People grow apart. Friends walk hand in hand until they find that their parts no longer intertwine. Lovers kiss to notice that this kiss that once meant weak knees and beating hearts no longer tastes of sweet love but of bitter goodbye. You once poured your heart out to the boy who was your best friend but when you see him again, it’s like the silence swallows you whole and you can’t think of one word to say. So you stare and stare and try to figure out what happened to create this chasm, this black abyss that opened up between you. And most of the time it’s not an argument that tore you apart but life itself. It’s you and it’s them. You changed. You grew up. You made decisions. You moved on. Things that used to mean the world now mean nothing and people that used to make you feel like you could climb the highest mountain now make you feel like drowning at the bottom of the sea. And that’s okay. Because people come and people go and it happens for a reason. Some friendships aren’t meant to last a lifetime, some people can’t be kept, some relationships aren’t worth holding on to. So let go. If they don’t make you happy anymore, let them go.
changing and moving on
n.j. (via ninasdrafts)
Posted 120 weeks ago

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